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Your Arrival at Mt. San Rafael Hospital

Your doctor arranges admission to Mt. San Rafael Hospital. Your room assignment is determined by your doctor's orders, the type of medical care you are to receive, and the availability of rooms. Your admission to the hospital will be handled without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin.

When you arrive, certain necessary information will be requested for completion of your medical record and for financial arrangements. This is essential so all hospital departments can provide prompt service to you, and necessary information to your doctor. Be assured all of the information provided will be handled confidentially.

Your doctor will probably order laboratory or x-ray tests. Laboratory test results can help your doctor find out: (1) if you are ill; (2) what the diagnosis is; and (3) what treatment would be best. The most common procedures test samples of blood, urine or sputum, cultures, and biopsies. It is important to follow directions exactly so information from your tests will be useful to your doctor.

Your Personal Needs

Toiletries, a bathrobe, and slippers are the only personal items you will need. Patients may wear their own gowns or pajamas, but such articles cannot be laundered by the hospital.


The hospital cannot assume responsibility for loss of personal items from your room. You are urged to leave valuables at home. If that is not possible, you may deposit such items in the hospital vault.

Medications From Home

If any medication is required during your stay, your doctor will prescribe it for you. In the event you brought any medication with you, please give it to the nurse. He/she will store it and return it to you. Please be certain to inform your doctor and nurses if you have been taking medicines recently, or have any known allergies.

Treatment Permits

Each patient or personal representative of their choice must sign permits for treatments and/or operations. Parents or guardians must sign permits for minors.

Conflict Resolution

We understand that sometimes in the course of treatment, conflicts may arise regarding your healthcare needs. To that end, we offer the services of our Ethics Committee, which is available to aid you or your family in the resolution of these conflicts. If you feel you require this assistance, please call extension 1070.