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Safety Suggestions During Hospitalization

Accidents can happen anywhere, and occasionally accidental falls occur during hospitalization. We want your stay at Mt. San Rafael Hospital to be as pleasant as possible. The following is a list of suggestions to minimize your risk of falling.

Ask your nurse for help if you feel dizzy or weak when you sit upright or stand. Sometimes, you may get weak after sitting or lying for a long period of time.

If you get up without help, sit up for awhile before standing. When you feel okay, rise carefully and begin to walk slowly.

Make sure your clothing doesn't get in your way or cause you to fall. Clothing that is so loose they catch on things or that need to be held up may cause you to fall. Make sure your shoes or slippers are non-skid and fit well.

Follow your doctor's orders if told not to be up out of bed, or if the nurse tells you not to be up without the nurse's help.

Do not tamper with the side rails or restraints if they are in place. They are used to remind you that you need help to get out of bed and they help to keep you safe.

Even if you think you don't need help, remember that you are in the hospital and that:

1.) Certain medications and treatments may cause you to become weak, dizzy, or confused.

2.) The hospital may seem strange to you, especially at night. Furniture and equipment may not be where you would expect it to be and may get in your way. Getting to the bathroom may be hazardous in your darkened and unfamiliar room.

Keeping these suggestions in mind will help us to provide the best possible care.