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Facility Renovation Project

Our Journey Begins . . . and it starts with YOU!

Working diligently with our Board of Trustees, community stakeholders, architects and engineers, we have begun the complex renovation of our existing hospital facility. The overall Capital Improvement Project is a multi-phase, approximately $36 million facility modernization plan which is expected to take three years to complete. Funding for this project comes from several sources including a low-interest USDA loan and other grant funding agencies.

This Capital Improvement Project - which expands and reorganizes approximately 43,000 square feet - replaces the majority of the patient care spaces at the hospital. We have completed some behind-the-scenes infrastructure improvements throughout the facility to prepare for the major work we are about to undertake; including HVAC, cooling towers, air handlers and electrical and mechanical systems. We have also partially redesigned the hospital lobby by replacing the flooring with new carpeting, updating the paint and installing new furniture. And, we are in the process of readying the Southeast Wing of the hospital (once home to offices and ancillary services) for complete demolition. It is important to note that until the facility remodel is complete, access to the Southeast Wing is restricted. As part of the pre-demolition process, we abated all of the asbestos in the Southeast Wing in the late Fall of 2018; however, we have confirmed there is an additional layer of asbestos on the entire underside of the roof decking which was not previously identified. This newly identified material must be abated before any further demolition can be completed and progress on the Southeast Wing can continue. This new abatement project will cause a significant delay in our project start. However, we continue to push forward and our goals for this major renovation project remain as follows:

Demolition of Southeast Wing of the Hospital
New Emergency Department
New Imaging Center (Radiology)
New Patient Care Unit (PCU)

As it relates to funding for this major renovation project, we have like many others, been impacted by the recent government shutdown. Our intention is to continue to pursue funding through the USDA; however, as we are not certain of all of the ramifications of the shutdown and the stability of that option going forward, we will also pursue alternative funding mechanisms to help us reach our goals.

But, in order to make this project a reality, it takes ALL of us. And so, in addition to seeking out a variety of funding sources for this major renovation project, we humbly ask for your assistance and support in helping us reach our funding goal of $3 million. Please help us make Mt. San Rafael Hospital, not only the very best place to receive high quality patient care, but one of the best places to work and serve the Las Animas County community.

We are excited to have the opportunity to bring this project to fruition, designed with our employees, patients and their utmost care in mind. Should you have questions about our fundraising efforts or options for your participation, contact Kim Lucero, Director of Planning and Development, at (719) 846-8053 or via email at klucero@msrhc.org.

As always, you have my thanks for the continued support of your community hospital.

John Tucker, CEO